Monday, February 05, 2007

Masters Monday - 4

Swatches 10, 11 and 12

Testing the knitter's ability to form yarnovers correctly, make various decreases, and follow a simple eyelet pattern.

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Edited April 30, 2007 to add: The evaluators considered these swatches to be nicely worked with good tension. Swatch 12 had a reminder to "keep decreases on needle tips" (to minimize stretch).

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And now that those are knitted, blocked and labeled (and photographed for your entertainment) it's time for me to answer the 4 questions that refer to these swatches.


Laura said...

How many swatches do you have to do to complete this level? Or do you not want to think about it at this point? LOL

Marlene said...

There are 16 swatches and a simple hat to knit Laura. I don't mind the knitting. There are also 17 questions, many of them multi-part, and an essay on blocking to do. The written work? Not as much fun. I'd rather be knitting.

It IS work for sure, but I'm learning a lot and I think it's worth the toil and trouble. Besides, after spending most of my life knitting it's time for me to step up and take credit for all that accumulated knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Marlene--What wonderfl work! I am so impressed. I have yet to start on my level I. I have to finish a pair of felted clogs, and a sweater (just sewing it up). Iwillstart soon!!! Your work is wonderful!


jill said...

You know, I keep thinking about your comments about taking credit for the accumulated knowledge. If you keep showing these beautiful swatches and singing the praises of this program, by summer I just may jump in. This year marks 31 years of knitting for me.

Am curious as to the differences between the bottom two pictures. How did you do the one on the left in particular? It is very different to my eyes.

Marlene said...

The one on the left is formed with a SSK, YO at the beginning of the shaped portion on the right side rows, and a K2tog, YO at the opposite end. All wrong side rows are purled. Of course the stitch count varies in between the decreases to get the diamond shaping. The directions for the right hand swatch are identical except the directional decreases are placed on opposite sides. The Master Knitter program supplies the patterns. I can't elaborate further on the actual pattern without infringing on the copywrite.

Michelle said...

Your swatches look quite perfect! I had contemplated taking this course, but I know it would take me a decade to finish the first level. LOL

Jen said...

Marlene, your swatches are beautiful. Very nice yarn overs, and your tension looks great. (Nice tags, too! I handwrote mine...yours look nicer!) The Masters Committee always says to "baby" the slipped stitches when you work an ssk, holding them just at the tips of the needles, but no matter how careful I am not to stretch them out, they never look as nice as a k2tog.

And a cable cast on! Pretty touch.

Good for you for pursuing the Master Knitter certification. When I look back to when I began my Level 1, I can't believe how much I've learned. It is so worth all of the time and effort!

Ruinwen said...

Your swatches look lovely all blocked and tagged. I'm starting my first one and after reading pages on pages of comments I don't know what I'm looking for anymore. :) Good luck!