Wednesday, February 07, 2007

She's a Beauty

Remember way back in October when I spindle spun and navajo plyed the hand dyed, hand combed wool for this hat?

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I entered the crocheted hat in this contest held at , and actually won in the "Best Use of Color" category. My prize was to be a lovely, handmade Bloodwood and Ebony spindle from Spindlewood Co. I promised to post photos of it when it arrived.

Well, it finally arrived yesterday and it was well worth the wait. It's absolutely beautiful and spins on and on for a long time. It often touches the floor before it runs out of spin. A far cry from the home made, unfinished spindles I have used so far. Wow, so this is what a well balanced, professionally made spindle is like.

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The spindle arrived packaged safely in 4 ounces of soft, easy to spin fiber. Too bad all parcels don't come protected with such beautiful "filler". I'm no expert on identifying fiber so I'll have to write and ask them what it is.

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Thanks Spindlewood Co. and Spindlicity from a very happy prize winner.


marti said...

ahhh, i love spindlewood spindles, and that one looks like a beauty!

dragon knitter said...

serious jealousy going on over here, and i don't even use a spindle!

Laura said...

Gorgeous spindle. I love those woods!

Nicole said...

Sounds like fun! What a beautiful spindle... I don't spin but every once in awhile, I wish I did.

Ashley said...

oh... it's sooo pretty.

How heavy is it?

I'm getting a new spindle this weekend... and actual nicely done one.. and I'm PUMPED.

Marlene said...

The more I get to know this spindle, the more I love it! Even though I have a wheel that I spin on, I can't resist picking up this spindle several times a day. Like now, while waiting for water for tea to boil.

Ashely, I don't know how much it weighs. Some lovely Bluefaced Leicester was sent with it and I was spinning on it just seconds after I opened the parcel. I haven't taken the first cop off yet, but when I do I'll make a point of weighing the spindle.