Thursday, February 01, 2007

On the Bright Side

KaPow! I hope Baby likes bright colors. This oddly shaped piece is destined to become one half of a baby romper. Fitting the mood, I also have plans on making a little 3 pointed jester style hat to go with it.

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Would you look at all those ends! Looking on the bright side, at least it will give me lots of practice at invisibly sewing in ends so I'll be a pro at it for the Master Knitters certification.


kristo said...

baby is going to love it.
and the colours are even better in person! :-)

Dave said...

Those are great colours for a baby -- much better than the usual pastels. But the ends, holy crap! Did you leave them so you could practise, or do you not normally weave in ends as you go?

Marlene said...

Up until very recently I did weave in my ends as I went Dave. Since doing some research on the subject for the Master Knitters certification I have come to prefer darning the ends in on the reverse side following the path of the knitted stitches. It looks neater on the reverse, and mimics the tension of the original knitting exactly so that the knitted fabric is not restricted in any way. It pretty much eliminates the tails from popping through to the right side as well.

It does however take longer. I really enjoy a well finished piece though, and I'm willing to take the extra time to do an exceptional job. With all the time and care that is put into the knitting, it doesn't make sense to rush the finishing.

Luckily for me I enjoy all aspects of the knitting process and can even find "zen" in sewing in ends.