Monday, February 26, 2007

Masters Monday - 7

The past week has been a very busy one for me. Every single day I had some commitment eating up my time. I wasn't able to give the Master Knitter Program as much time and thought as I would like. I did remain true to my promise to have SOMEthing accomplished this week though.

I went out and bought a binder that will fit in the standard UPS box that TKGA prefers to use. The one I had previously been using, a zippered type, was a bit too bulky. I then transferred all the samples and page dividers to the new binder.

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I also finally finished the pattern writing for the Windblown Cable swatch. This was made a little more difficult than it might otherwise have been because the cable I picked was from a "chart only" format so I had to come up with abbreviations and written directions on my own.

I found and printed the Yarn Standards Guide as well. Having a current copy is required but I'm not sure if it must be included in the binder or not.

Anyone else working on the program?


dragon knitter said...

the binder looks good. i'll bet it's hard to concentrate on it though, with the girlchild being due in less than 2 weeks! getting excited yet? is she sick of being pregnant yet, lol?

Marlene said...

Yes Minnie, the baby is definately foremost in my mind right now. Hard to believe that any day now (or perhaps as long as another 4 weeks --- tops) and I'll be a GRANDMA! I bought a playpen on sale today. Gotta be prepared for the wee one's "sleep overs".

Yes, our daughter is tired of being pregnant, but other than some problems with her hands being numb, she is doing very well.

Vicki Knitorious said...

I tried to post a while back -- sometimes blogger doesn't like me... Anyway, I'm so happy to see your progress with the Master's. It is definitely still on my radar and you're a motivating influence. (I mean that in a good way.)

; )