Friday, September 07, 2007

Table Runner

I'm nearly finished the handspun One Stitch Cardi. It's blocking now and when it's completely dry I just have to sew on the buttons and stitch down the pocket facings and then it'll make it's debut.

Although I have other projects that I urgently need to be doing, after getting the cardigan blocking I had a craving to do a bit of weaving. I tried out a new-to-me method for warping the rigid heddle loom. It worked very well --- and QUICK! --- and with a little tweaking it will now be my method of choice for warping that particular type of loom.

The weaving went very quickly too. In only a couple of evenings I wove a table runner that is 10" by 54" with an additional 12" of fringe.

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The fringe itself actually took a considerable amount of time as I don't own a "fringe twister" and had to do it all by hand.

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If you are a regular reader of this blog you might recognize some of the materials I used. The light grey/beige background of the warp, and all of the weft, is handspun from the 'tsunami of wool' that I dealt with last summer. Now that the One Stitch Cardi is completely knit I'm safe using the leftovers in little side trips like this.

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The runner fits perfectly on a side table we have in the living room. It looks very nice against the dark stained maple wood. I'll get a picture of the runner in it's proper resting place later this month, after it has done the rounds at "Show and Tell" (my son calls it "Bring and Brag") at the Ryder Lake Spin-In, September 15. Anyone coming to that?


homesteadinmamma said...

Wow! That is stunning!!!

Maggie Ann said...

How beautiful and the fringe is gorgeous!

Sara said...

Absolutely lovely, Marlene.

Nice selvedges, beautiful colors and I love the fringe. I don't use a fringe twister either, I think hand-twisted looks much nicer: even and tightly twisted.

Wonderful work, and don't you love the warping peg for rigid heddles? I think it's a great method.

Marlene said...

The selvedges were pretty good, Sara, but I "tweaked" them further and corrected a few skips in the weave itself before doing a washing and pressing of the runner.

I LOVE the warping peg method! If only my 8 harness loom could be warped so easily.

This was a quick, spur of the moment project and I did no pre-planning whatsoever. I made colour layout decisions as I warped.

Ruinwen said...

You have so many amazing talents! That is just beautiful! :)