Sunday, September 16, 2007

Mary and Little Gemima

Mary and Little Gemima loaded up and ready for an early morning ride out to the annual Ryder Lake Spin-In hosted by the Chilliwack Spinners and Weavers Guild.

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Both wheels belong to me, but "Mary" (the Ashford Traditional) was my first wheel and it is now on loan indefinitely to my daughter. "Little Gemima" (a Majacraft Little Gem II) was a later addition, now the only wheel I use.

Both wheels hummed along beautifully for the entire day, happy to be among their kin folk, an interesting variety of wheels brought along by the other 40 or more spinners and 5 vendors in attendance.

Pictures of the other wheels and the crowd? Well no. See I have this habit of taking my camera along on such events and then never taking it out of my bag. I was too busy --- spinning, chatting, listening to guest speakers, sipping coffee, eating the lasagna lunch, --- oh, and buying more fibery goodness. The day zipped by all too quickly.

My purchases? I bought another bag of Black Rainbow Glitter from Aurelia, in preparation for ripping out the MS3-(Swan Lake Stole) and knitting the Honey Bee Stole instead. I'm just not loving the abrupt change to a wing at the end of the MS3 and would rather "spend" my handspun elsewhere. The Honey Bee Stole requires a little more yardage, hence the purchase of another bag of Black Rainbow Glitter. The leftovers will be used in some smaller lace project. A scarf or small shoulder shawl perhaps?

I also picked up two 50g "braids" of wool/silk in a gorgeous mauve colourway dyed by "Fleece Artist" and purchased from "Shades of Narnia". I'll likely reserve those to spin on my Spindlewood Co. spindle.


Michelle said...

Teehee! The size differences between the two wheels is incredible. The Gem is so cute.

I have officially put some of that black rainbow glitter on my to-buy soon list. I love how it looks all spun up.

I see you got your favicon to work! Looks great!

Maggie Ann said...

How fun to see your wheels loaded up and ready to roll...=)..literally! Sounds like a great day...and your Honey Bee Stole is very elegant. I enjoyed your always. I did some spinning this morning. The morning sunshine always says...'spin' to me.

PJ said...

That is an awesome picture of your 'baby' in a seat belt...perfect! I loved your woven purse. you are on a roll with your projects!

Niki said...

How sweet that you buckled that precious baby up!

Marlene said...

"Little Gemima" is buckled up for her own safety (and mine!) so that she doesn't get knocked about on the drive up the mountain road. "Mary" unfortunately has to make due with being wedged between the seats. She expressed her displeasure by thumping the back of the driver's seat a couple of times.