Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Warp Salvaging

I had trouble with that warp I put on the other day. The selvedges got really tight and the centre portion went soft. I think it was a problem with the way I wound onto the back beam, and I know how to correct that, so I cut off the old warp. I salvaged what I could by making this:

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A small purse just the right size for carrying a small wallet and keys. The strap is a narrow inkle woven band. The button is handmade from a cross-section of an antler. The two centre holes were drilled too close together and made a larger, joined hole, making it impossible to sew on "correctly", but I like the extra interest it provides when sewn on like this.

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I have now rewarped with the same pattern to make the scarf I had originally intended to make.


Paula said...

So now you will have a scarf to match your new purse? How cool is that!

Marlene said...

My (grown) daughter has a strong aversion to things being "outfits" or "matchy-matchy", and it has made me a bit paranoid of creating sets out of anything other than perhaps a hat and scarf, so I doubt these two items will ever leave the house at the same time.

The little purse is just an afterthought anyway, something to use up the portion of the warp I had already woven before I realized there was a problem developing.

Ruinwen said...

How creative! What a great little purse! :)

Maggie Ann said...

What a wonderful purse and How like you to have come up with something beautiful AND know how to correct the warp problem. I'm proud to know ya!..grin. Wondering how I'm doing with the increases? Well...I noticed when I picked up my work..there were 2 gigantic loose stitchs on the edge...lost heart and ripped all but 4 rows out and it lay on the foor for a couple of days. I picked it up last night and grabbed up those 4 rows, and started the ribbing from there. Oh, dear this is lengthy...should have emailed. Anyway, haven't gotten to the increases yet..but close. Discouragement won out for a while but its on the go now.