Monday, September 10, 2007

Warping in the Dark

Rather late yesterday, as the sun faded from the sky, I decided I needed to put another warp on my rigid heddle loom. My last warping episode was hampered by confined spaces and an improvised "peg" that fell over mid warp. Although it wasn't disastrous, it was annoying. So I set out looking for an alternative.

My seeking led me outside to my husband's make-shift workbench. It has an old door as a work surface --- which just happens to be the right length for a scarf warp. Add a peg to one end, clamp the loom to the other, and warping is accomplished in a wink.

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Which is a good thing because it was getting rather dark. (The camera flash lit up the first picture.) My supervisor, Shelby the Wonder Dog, had to turn on her laser vision and my husband set up a trouble light for me.

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After the warp was wound onto the back beam I took everything inside and finished threading the heddle indoors --- where the light was better.



Maggie Ann said...

Amazing and VERY interesting! Wish I was there to see first hand what you are up too. As it is, I have just wasted a couple of hours looking for video's of 'making one'. I have found slant to the left or right..and have been to the knit shop pro...and =( still have a small hole under my increase...picking up the bar between the sts. I have tinked my knitting back to that 19 st increase above the ribbing on the front twice now! just 3 rows back but what a pain. oh well...=) It will work out soon or I'll revert to knitting in the front & back of the sts...and settle for 'donuts' if I must.

dragon knitter said...

Brilliant! (and it's not even a guiness commercial!)