Sunday, March 29, 2009

FAIL! ~ Try Again.

I'm attempting to make a lace curtain. The lower border is hand knit and then that is hung on the knitting machine to work the remainder in machine knit and beaded lace. At first glance it looks like everything is going okay, but some sneaky little stitches have dropped, making holes where they can not be ignored.

By the time I noticed the problem I had hung the hem by hand on 200 machine needles, knit 4 repeats of the pattern, hand applying 25 beads per repeat. An entire evening of knitting wasted. Sometimes, in the long run, machine knitting is NOT fast.

I'm participating in a project a month knit-a-long (MKGAM KAL) on the MachineKnitting forum on Ravelry, and this was to be March's submission. Three days left in the month. I might still be able to finish in time IF all goes well in my next attempt.

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PJ said...

I was really trying to see the mistake...wasn't until your red checks! Then, yes, it's there! It's kind of like the 'arrow' in the FedEx...until it's pointed out-it's not there! your daughter looks absolutely cute! best wishes to her! very exciting!