Thursday, March 12, 2009

Little Hat A & B

Using the "Lifestyle Top Down Hat" as a guide, I designed and knit two hats to go with the Garter Ridge Baby Sweater. For the first one, Little Hat A (top of picture), I stopped increasing at 80 stitches.

After trying the finished hat on a life sized baby doll I decided the first attempt was a bit big for a newborn and knit another one, a wee bit smaller. In this sport weight yarn, 64 stitches made a hat that measures about 12 inches around. Little Hat B (bottom of picture) has a generous amount of stretch and should fit a newborn quite nicely. If it's too small, well, there is still Little Hat A.

And that's IF the baby is a boy. We still have about 30 days to go before the big reveal.

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Ruinwen said...

I bet you are so excited! Such a sweet hat to go with that beautiful sweater! :)