Friday, March 27, 2009

On The First Day

I'm finally getting around to showing you the goodies I gathered at Fibres West last weekend. I have enough stockpiled and photographed to show you something new every day for nearly a week.

I look forward to these annual fibre filled events and put a little money aside in anticipation so that I am able to splurge and enjoy myself....during the event and for months afterwards! Attending the annual events, (Fibrefest, which I hear is returning in October of 2010 and this years' version, named Fibres West and put on by another sponsor), is like a mini-vacation for me. Kind of like a taste of what I imagine would be my dream vacation.....a world tour based on my fibre arts interests.

I spent all day there, both days, even though it doesn't take that long to see everything. I went to all the presentations, I talked to people, old friends and new, and I went around and around the booths looking, touching, and admiring the goods and oftentimes returning to buy something I had passed over my first time through.

On the first day I arrived chomping at the bit for I was anxious to get my hands on some Kauni yarn while the selection was still good. Within 10 minutes of arriving I had spent a good chunk of my hoarded money on this:

Three very large balls of Kauni yarn. I've coveted this yarn for quite some time but it is not stocked in my community's yarn stores. This colourway, with it's long gradual transitions from cream to grey and into black, is a rather subdued colourway for Kauni. Most of their stuff is quite vibrant. For my needs though this will be perfect. I'm planning to knit the "Ladies Jacquard Vest" from using Knitpicks "Palette" in Garnet Heather for the foreground and the cream/grey/black Kauni W-EC for the background and ribbings. I think it will look really nice, even if the busy patterning is very outside the norm for my wardrobe.


dragon knitter said...

i have 2 balls that run from black to a deep purple. don't know what i'm going to dowith it,lol

Marlene said...

I've seen some really nice felted bags done in Kauni. I think my favourite Kauni projects are the stranded colourwork items though.