Monday, March 30, 2009

Subconscious Perhaps?

Maybe my subconscious is pushing me further in the direction of bobbin lace making?

I find bobbin lace making fascinating (like all of the fibre arts!). There is a woman in my spinning and weaving guild that does it and I love looking at the pieces she occasionally brings for Show and Tell. I've been avoiding becoming involved myself though, always managing to talk myself out of it, telling myself that I don't need another hobby and asking myself what would I do with a bunch of handmade lace anyway. That voice of reluctance is getting quieter though, fading away until I can hardly hear it.

The purchase of 10 wooden lace making bobbins kind of looks like I've already slipped into the deep chasm of yet another hobby doesn't it? But wait, I didn't buy these for bobbin lace making. I saw Sharon from "Homespun Haven" using them to wind the threads she was using for Kumihimo (the bobbins added a bit of weight too). She mentioned that they make good intarsia bobbins too and that was all it took, I was sold! So these are now my Kumihimo/instarsia/maybe-some-day-bobbin-lace-making bobbins.

Okay, I'll admit it, I'm weak. I know that some day someone will hand me a bobbin lace making pillow and I'll be sunk, totally smitten, doomed to add yet another obsession to my long list of hobbies.

I need more hours in my days. Or days in my month. Or somethin'.

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Anonymous said...

For when you're ready to make the real plunge....
Enjoy it! It's really just fancy braiding....