Sunday, March 29, 2009


Sort of spur of the moment, and sort of not.

Although I didn't go to Fibres West looking for Kumihimo supplies, and really did NOT need another hobby, this Japanese art form of Kumihimo braiding has fascinated me for quite some time now. I took a few books out of the library last year studying the technique, but without a marudai (which can be expensive) and not inclined to take a chance and order a beginner kit online, I dropped the idea.

While passing through Sharon Wickstrom's "Homespun Haven" booth I came across these little beginner's kits. There is not much to them, and all the instructions are in Japanese, but they weren't expensive either. The diagrams are good so I think I will be able to figure out the dozen or so braids pictured. After that I'll hunt down those library books again.

I had linked to Wiki explanations of these different words; marudai and Kumihimo, and to a source for the kits, but Blogger isn't having any of that today so if you're interested you'll have to seek them out yourself. I'm done typing this entire post over and over!


lookinout said...

I envy your finding the kumihimo kits. I was also interested by them, and have had similar experiences. Only I didn't manage to get the books and so I stopped. Enjoy.

Jacqueline said...

Marlene , voce é brasileira?

Marlene said...

Jacqueline, Eu sou canadense e eu falo somente o inglês mas eu usarei um tradutor para responder a sua pergunta. Eu fui dito que Kumihimo é japonês na origem.