Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cheap Stand In

By combining patterns from three separate sources I've come up with a little Pixie outfit that should fit an incoming Fairyland PukiPuki PongPong. The "real" doll isn't here yet so I've got a cheap little "Kelly"- like doll from Dollar Giant standing in as a model.

Pixie outfit

The embellished felt hat and shoes are from a pattern by "My Own Little World".

cheap standin

The little tunic/top/dress is from a free pattern scooped from Flickr.

back view

And the little knitted pants/leggings/tights were knit using 2/28 cashmere and 5/0 needles and a pattern byGill shared with me.


Christine said...

Awesome outfit...can't wait to see it on the PukiPuki.

Fran said...

she looks adorable ! love the whole outfit but especially her hat.