Saturday, April 23, 2011

DressSew Haul

Way back in January I was given $40 for my birthday to use on a trip to DressSew in Vancouver to purchase doll clothes making supplies.

$40 Dresssew Haul

I was finally able to go today and the trip was well worth the wait. I managed to get ALL of this for $39.97!!

32 DOZEN size 4/0 snaps (384 sets!)
8 DOZEN size 5/0 snaps (96 sets!)
large pin cushion with emery sharpener
X-large piece of supple, soft, suede leather
20 metres of baby rick rack
50 metres of lace
pkg of 50 decorative studs
10 small ribbon bows
pkg of 16 embroidery needles
6ft pkg of leather lacing

Oooooh Yeahhhhh! 

The piece of leather, at $8.99 plus tax, was the most expensive item. Most other things were 25 cents per package. The lace and rick rack was between 25 cents and 29 cents per meter. Score!


Fran said...

Ah DressSew, one of the very few things I miss about living in the Lower mainland. It was always such a treat to go there, the atmosphere, the creaky stairs and all the GREAT and unexpected stuff they have. Good haul!

888LizardLane said...

ooh, what a good deal. I agree with Fran, I am on Vancouver Island, so if I would like to go for a shopping trip to Vancouver it would cost me around $ 100 just for the ferry - including the car. aargh!
So I am kind of "grounded" and live with what I can find in my local fabric store. Gladly I have plenty of fabric stash (but still not enough choice).
As a former city girl I still miss the convenience of "just hopping in my car and get exactly what I need"...and buy of course some of the mentioned "unexpected stuff" *lol*