Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Petunia's Arrival

Pumpkin and Peanut heard a bump against the door this morning and when they looked out the window they found this box.


It was addressed to me so they politely waited while I opened the outer wrapper. A very pretty, red, "story book" box was inside. Having travelled that way themselves earlier this year they had a pretty good idea what might be inside and the excitement mounted!


Peanut, having been my "first", now considers herself head of the welcoming committee.


"Hello", she whispered, "are you okay in there?".


Pumpkin, remembering what it was like to be struggling to get free of a face-wrap, made sure that annoying bit was removed right away!


As soon as her mouth was free the new little one shouted out, "HI! My name's PETUNIA! What's your  name?!" Not shy (or quiet), this exuberant newcomer!


Peanut's mothering instinct kicked in right away, but Pumpkin was left wondering if maybe she should grab the "head wrap" again to use it as a GAG.

Petunia was an unplanned, secondhand, purchase and she managed  to arrive before her "real" wig which is being custom made. Luckily I suspected this might happen and I had a few borrowed ones on hand for her to try. None of them are at all like the official one we're waiting for, but let's have a look, shall we?


EEeek! .... Um......this wild one got a unanimous NO from everyone. Just not the girl's style.


Although Petunia thought she might like this second one, Pumpkin and Peanut were biting their tongues trying not to collapse into an impolite fit of giggles.


Pumpkin was kind of partial to the super curly one....naturally.


In the end Peanut convinced Petunia that the slick, auburn bob suited her best for now. It was then time to pick out clothes!


I let Petunia choose any dress she wanted from the stock not yet listed in my Etsy store.


Surprisingly she looks best in the brown and burgundy one! I thought for sure she was going to be a girl who wore pinks and pastels.


Once she was settled comfortably with a wig and a new dress she decided to tell the older girls all about her trip.


I think she may go on talking and talking all night! ... *sigh*


all4dolls said...

Awwwww... She is so cute! And I love the name "Petunia" :)

Jen said...

With a personality like that, I think don't think pinks and pastels are crazy enough for her!

Marlene said...

all4dolls, Peanut, Pumpkin, and now Petunia have all been tagged with nicknames my parents called me when I was a child (and sometimes even as an adult). I have ONE more name left, but two dolls ordered. Not a problem though....I'll just have to get more creative.

Yes Jen I think you're right. I was just thinking that with that lipstick type look she might be a frilly, foofy type girly, girl. ... Nope.

Christine said...

Definitely no to pinks and pastels! Petunia is adorable. You have a lovely doll family. (Penelope is a P name :))

Marlene said...

LOL, actually, Christine, Penelope might suit this new one better than "Petunia", but I'll leave it for now. I wasn't so much going for the "P" names, though that may be how it seems. I'm just passing my old nick names on to them. The final one will be tagged on one of the Soso pair that will arrive this summer.

Fran said...

what a lovely welcome for Petunia. She must be so tiny !

Marlene said...

She IS tiny Fran. I'll try to get some photographs that will give readers a better perspective on her size, but she's about the size of Barbie's little sister, "Kelly" if that gives you any idea. Also that's a standard 3 ring binder she's crawling on when she's choosing her dress.

PJ said...

HOW cute was that!!!!! Love the welcoming party! I almost had to cover my eyes though until she picked her outfit *tsk* ;)

Marlene said...

Oops, sorry about that PJ. I forgot to give a warning to those sensitive to resin nudity. Does give the viewer a better idea of the fantastic joint system of these amazing, tiny dolls though.