Monday, April 04, 2011

That's My Girl

I'm so proud of my daughter.This is her very first try at doing a custom faceup and it turned out so well!

She started out with a ResinSoul Yu she had named Pip, a tiny doll that had a rather awful default faceup when it arrived.  The original faceup, pictured below, was pale, with dark shadows under the eyes that made Pip look sick or ghostly. She looked sad, lonely, and lost.

Kristy wiped the face (removed all colour using solvents), resealed the resin, and started in with the pastels, paints, a steady hand, and a lot of courage! I've heard that working at this tiny scale is very difficult.

Thanks to Kristy, the "new" Pip has a healthy, rosy glow, light freckles, and a much cleaner, fresher, overall appearance.

I think Pip looks wonderful and I can't wait to see the next faceup Kristy does. She'll have a little more room to work with as the next doll is a little bit bigger.

I think Kristy should resurrect her old blog, or start up a new one. She's got talent and she needs a place to showcase it.


Christine said...

Kristy did a very nice job on her first faceup. Pip's mouth looks so much sweeter and fuller. I know the Resinsoul dolls are not much for posing but this face is sweet enough to make me want one anyway. Who is she doing next?

Marlene said...

"Not much for posing" would be putting it mildly Christine. Poor Pip is a terrible poser! But, at least now she looks pretty just sitting there.

I think Kristy's next faceup is to be on a YoSd sized doll that she got through DoA Marketplace. The faceup on it was quite a mess I guess, so go or stay the doll's face needs to be redone. I haven't actually ever seen it myself. I hope she remembers to take "before" pictures.

Fran said...

I bet Kristy takes after her Mum.