Thursday, April 07, 2011

Raggedy Sisters

These are not the usual dolls I've been posting about lately. These are ones I've sewn as gifts for my two granddaughters. Meet Becky and Bonnie, the Raggedy Sisters.

The buttons on their dresses were chosen from a button jar I inherited from my mother. It's one she got from her mother. That means the buttons most likely belonged to my granddaughters' great, great, grandmother!

You can tell that that news makes Becky and Bonnie very, very proud. Just look at those big smiles!

Here's another little thing I'm passing on from my mother: I embroidered the dolls' names on their chests. When I was a child I had a terrible time remembering names (still do!!) so my mom always wrote the names of each doll on their chest so when I asked repeatedly she could always provide the same answer. I think she was as bad with names as I am.

But the most important message for my granddaughters is on the back.


Christine said...

You are the best grandma!

Marlene said...

I hope they like them Christine. You never know now-a-days with all the fancy toys available with their bells and whistles, flashing lights and more. Will a modern child find anything of interest in a rag doll? We'll see.

PJ said...

You are so talented! Those dolls are absolutely PRECIOUS! so much love into these gifts that will never be forgotten :) (and yes, 'plain' gifts are sometimes the MOST meaningful)

Karin said...

Those are so special, and what a great job you did with their faces! Most of my favorite dollies are ones that were made for me or came from an extra-special person in my life. I'm sure your granddaughters will love them.

Marlene said...

I'm giving them to the girls today PJ. I hope they are well received.

The faces were a combination of embroidery and paint, Karen.
The eyebrows, zigzags under the eyes (eyelashes?), nose and mouth are embroidery, while the eyes and cheeks were painted. The shoes and socks are also painted on. I used acrylic paints from a huge tote full of paint inherited from my another thing that spans the generations.