Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mixed Reviews

The Raggedy "Bonnie" and "Becky" dolls I made got mixed reviews. Kenzie, the youngest, loves hers and carries it everywhere. Kaylen, being four years old, prefers her beloved Barbies.

I wasn't sure the dolls would be received well be either of the girls so one out of two isn't too bad. I don't think Kaylen dislikes the doll, she just has others that she'd rather play with. Bonnie might make it as a bed time dolly yet. Only time will tell.


Dorothy said...

I had the same experience with my granddaughters and their quilts. The younger one loved hers so much she kept kissing it, the older was not quite as thrilled. I guess by 5 they're getting their own opinions!

kristo said...

The girls brought their dolls camping with us this weekend. Kaylen's idea. She insisted that they bring their "special dolls".... so, she does like them! ;)

PJ said...

Don't worry....she will never forget who gave that to her! They are beautiful dolls for beautiful grandkids. my daughter rec. a quilt from her grandmother when she was around that age...really never paid it any attention. Jump ahead years later- she's in the Navy (she has it with her!)