Sunday, October 02, 2011

Another Face Wipe Coming Up!

My granddaughter always asks me what my dollies are saying. Well what Petunia is saying right now is, "Wipe me, Wipe me! and someone keep this talentless newby away from me!". Heh.

So yeah, I'm going to wipe her again and give it one more shot before I admit defeat. I liked the blushing, and I'm pleasantly surprised with how the eyebrows came out. The eyelashes weren't even too terribly bad at first but then I made the fatal mistake of thinking I could pull the black from the inner eyelid out at the corner....then I added an "eyelash" or two with the same paint....aack, big mistake!

And the lips....oh my, that was another whole torment session. I haven't come anywhere NEAR being happy with those. I wiped the area so many times that I lost some of the blushing along with it. Never could get her looking anything other than that she had just eaten a very messy jam tart! I want her to have much more defined lips that the usual Pong default faceup, but not like THIS! I couldn't get enough colour where I wanted it on her lips while using the pastels, but clearly paint isn't the answer either.

Back to the drawing board! Or faceup board....'er whatever. Petunia isn't successfully through her cosmetic surgery yet.....

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kristo said...

Okay, I can see why you're going to wipe her, but honestly, for a first attempt, this is AMAZING!!! Her eyebrows are absolutely perfect, and her base layer of eyelashes look fantastic too (just the paint on top is the only problem). For the lips, I think it would help if you didn't go all the way around her mouth, maybe just at the bottom and top, but leave the sides clean (or just a very fine line?) Either that or you could just always pose her with a glass of Kool-Aid in her hand? ;)