Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Welcome Serenity!

Early this morning, while we were preparing for a photo shoot for a new Puki knitting pattern, the doorbell rang.

Puki modelling gig

It was the parcel deliveryman bringing this big box. I hadn't told the little ones that we were expecting an addition to the family so it was a big surprise and they were all quite excited.

the box

In fact, they were all so excited that they were getting in the way! I had to request that they please go and sit on the chair.

stay over THERE

When I opened the shipping box and the boys saw that the inner box was all pink and girly they promptly lost interest.

PINK box

They were last heard discussing motorcycles and hot rods while they wandered away.


The girls however were still VERY interested.


Well they were....until the big pile of new shoes caught their eye.


After that they were all about trying on the shoes and playing dress up.

trying on the shoes

With no help coming forth from the "welcoming committee", the new comer had to climb out of the box by herself! (I tell ya, this is the last time I allow the Pukies to act as greeters!)


While Petunia and her friends collapsed in fits of giggles over the "big kid" shoes, a bald and chilly Pukifee searched good naturedly for something to wear.

fit o giggles

First she found a pair of leggings and a .... um .... set of sleeves? Hilarious!

what the....?

But then I showed her how they were to be worn with a little knitted dress.


She politely introduced herself as "Serenity" and mentioned that her feet were cold.

cold toes

So I wrestled Serenity's shoes away from the Pukies and found her a hat.

without hair

She had arrived before her wigs so she will have to make do for now with a much too large wig borrowed from Delilah Noir. Luckily the hat at least holds it on her head!


Seeing as the so called "welcoming committee" seems to be busy doing other things, I hope everyone will join me in a warm welcome for a dear little girl named Serenity.

Welcome Home


kristo said...

Aw, Serenity is so cute! Sorry my Pukies were being their usual rowdy selves. I really should teach them to behave better!

Chriss said...

Welcome Serenity! You are a cutie :)

cailyn said...

serenity's outfit is adorable and that was a really cute new kid story :)

mighella said...

Welcome, Serenity! I really love that color hair on her <3 Can't wait to see her with hair of her own though ;) The outfit's wonderful too! Now I need to go back to chanting that I do NOT need a PKF Icis nor a puki LOL :X