Sunday, October 02, 2011

Petunia? That You?

Petunia? Is that you?


It IS! Yay! Petunia's back!

She's back....sorta

Well sort of.

I wish I could have the eyebrows and blushing from the first faceup attempt back. They were better than this second attempt. I got the eyebrows WAY too high this time. Both Petunia and I have had enough for now though. Maybe I'll try it again in a few months.

Faceup artists deserve every penny of the fee that they charge for their expertise!


Sprite said...

It's amazing how different she looks with so little paint. I think both attempts are fabulous. I love the shiny lips on her current face-up, and I think you did great!

Marlene said...

Thanks Sprite. She actually looks better in person than she does in this latest picture. Her wig shadows her forehead and the silly height of her eyebrows is less obvious.

I didn't gloss the lips and eye rims on the first attempt because I knew I'd be wiping it. I'm using my daughter's faceup supplies and didn't not want to waste anything on a faceup I wasn't going to keep at least for a little while.

Chriss said...

I think you've done an awesome job for your first attempt. She's still Petunia and that says a lot!

kristo said...

She TOTALLY looks like Petunia! Great job, I'm glad she's still here. :)

mighella said...

Nice work for your second shot - and on a PUKI no less! I've tried a faceup on an SD head once and, um, never again.

I've read about the key to blushing or faceup-ing with pastels that the key is layers, layers, layers. Next time you get the gumption, you might like to try watercolor pencils sharpened really well if you haven't already. I found those were the best for eyebrows and eyelashes on an SD at least. Pukis might be too small for that to work right though :/