Friday, October 21, 2011

Serenity Reborn

Serenity's new wig and eyes arrived today and what a difference!

new wig

Interesting how the right wig and eyes can make the faceup look so much better. The wig matches her eyebrows perfectly, the eye colour makes the most of the "shadow" on her lids, and even her lip colour looks pinker and more realistic.


Now THIS is the little toddler I was expecting to see when I opened her box that first day.


kristo said...

Aw, she looks super-cute with her new wig and eyes!

Beatrix said...

Indeed, very cute. :) I admire you for crocheting such tiny dresses, I bet it requires lots of patience and skills.

Lala said...

I love all the detail you put into the clothes you make for these guys :) super cute

Marlene said...

Thanks Beatrix. I came into the BJD hobby from the creative clothing end of things. The dolls give me an outlet for all my fibre related hobbies.

Thanks Lala. I can't resist the urge to embellish.

cailyn said...

very pretty eye color! bjd's are great for tying together lots of hobbies aren't they?

Marlene said...

Thanks Cailyn. The eyes are "Lavender Blue" Glib acrylics I purchased through Denver Doll Emporium.

The dolls are not only a good outlet for existing hobbies, but tend to add new ones. I hope to learn to make tiny doll shoes in the near future!