Monday, October 17, 2011

Desert Mesa Spinning Retreat

I spent a fun weekend in Cache Creek at the Desert Mesa Spinning Retreat. This is what the main room looked like before 54 spinners arrived and took over in an explosion of equipment, fibre, and friendship.


Although seating is casual and everyone sets up where they wish, many have their favourite spots that they gravitate to year after year.

set up

Ms Muffet wasted no time claiming a spot by the window. While Mr Magoo never did any spinning he did did appear to be listening in on all the hilarious stories being told. I'm sure he would agree that busy hands do not idle the tongue.

Ms Muffet's spinning retreat

When the spinners were not upstairs spinning, chatting, and laughing uproariously they were down in the dining hall eating, chatting and ..... well, yes .... laughing uproariously!

dining room

True to my usual style I only remembered to take a few pictures over the entire weekend, and those were before most people arrived. Once the event begins I am too wrapped up in the action to think about taking pictures.

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