Tuesday, October 11, 2011

eBook of Knitting Patterns

It was a lot of work getting to this point, but my first eBook of knitting patterns is now available as a very affordable PDF download! 10 knitting patterns custom fit and in proper scale for Pukpuki dolls for only $5 US. They should also fit other similarly sized 4" dolls like Lati White and the 4" version of Barbie's sister, Kelly.

knits for Pukipuki

one button cardi

collared coat

All designs are knit with 1.5mm needles (US size 000) and laceweight yarn.

Ms Muffet can't resist popping in to say that when worked with even finer needles (1mm, US 5/0) the patterns work up nicely for RealPuki too! She's wearing a modification of the dress pattern that uses Colourmart 2/28 cashmere and the "Harebell Lace" pattern from a popular sock knitting book.

Ms Muffet's new dress


Dorothy said...

Those are just too cute! Sadly I don't have any Pukis to knit for (and am resisting yet another hobby), but I've followed yours with great pleasure.

Marlene said...

Thanks Dorothy.You know, you really NEED a ball jointed doll to knit for. And once one gets in the door others are sure to follow.

Gill said...

These are wonderful and a real steal at that price. They should also fit the new Kish Lisbet tiny bjd doll.

Marlene said...

Well thanks Gill! I tried to keep the price affordable for everyone because I know that many of the knitters who buy the pattern will be trying to save up their money for their OWN doll collection.

cailyn mcgregor said...

i like that it is possible to make them in realpuki size (i don't have pukipuki) i'm off to get the pattern now...