Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Baby On the Move

Penny's New Blankie

When Pumpkin heard Penny scruffling about following her nap she asked Panalaya if she could get her up.


Pumpkin was hoping for a bit of a cuddle and baby-head-sniffing-time, but Penny had other ideas.

Brief Snuggle

She was soon on the move.

Pumpkin Showing Her Tender Side

Pumpkin realized that she might as well get the wee one dressed as Penny was just not content to stay snuggled in her new blankie.

On the Go

There was a whole world out there waiting to be explored!

Play Time


Isabelle Ante said...

Oh my, this blog is dangerous. Now I think I need a Nappy Choo too! Your photos are fabulous and the scenes are really adorable!

Marlene said...

Thanks Isabelle Ante, and I agree, you DO need a Nappy Choo!

Randomfish said...

What an adorable photo series! Babies just don't like to stay put when there's things to explore! I'm sure Pumpkin will get her cuddles at some point, though... :)

Ruinwen said...

I love these life scenes. It seems baby Penny is going to be a curious one. Hugs! :)