Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Baby Needs A Name

My new Nappy Choo baby needs a name and I could use your help.

What's My Name?

I've been considering, Zofie, Sabrina, Kasia (pronounced like Asia), Jasmine, and Cassy. Other suggestions and any comments are very welcome!

Outfit by NixiPixie

And here she is without her hat, if the colour of her hair is any influence on your choice of names.

getting sleepy


Ruinwen said...

Maeve since she looks like she has a wee bit 'o the Fey in her. :)

Beatrix said...

Kasia and Zofie sound like polish names. Except, we write it Zofia which would be Sophia in US. :)
While I like them all, I'd say Zofie and Cassy are the most fit for your little baby girl.

HazĂ el M. said...

For some reason, "Kiki" strikes me as a cute name for her. :)

Anonymous said...

I have a brand new granddaughter named Sadie so I'm in love with that name!!
Carol s

bearpicnic said...

Ooh, I love naming dolls. It's fun (and sometimes frustrating) to have a list and have to narrow it down. I love the name Zofie, and Sabrina. There is something soft and soothing about the initial sound in both of those names. Best wishes in deciding!

Dustbunnie said...

I like Bonnie but since English isn't my first languarge I might think of names in a different way. I mean I also like Ragna or Iben but those are Danish names.

No matter what name she gets she's absolutely adorable though.

Safray said...

Zofie is my favorite! I read all your name choices, looked at this baby and Zofie just popped in my head.