Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Penny Finally Has Her Blanket

It's a good thing SaraBeara2 provided my Nappy Choo with a quilt for her bed or it would have been a rather cold home coming. I've been so busy lately that little Penny has been home for almost 10 days and I'm only now finished the lace baby blanket I started for her quite some time ago!


Panalaya wasted no time swaddling the little foundling up in her new "receiving blanket".

anxious to meet the baby

Pumpkin and Gourd were anxious to meet the baby that was brought home while they were at Ban's Boutique.

Penny's Lace Blanket

Panalaya sure has her hands full now!


bearpicnic said...

I love the serious look Pumpkin seems to have on her face watching them.

Ruinwen said...

Just so adorable! I am in love with Panalaya's sweater as well as that baby blanket! Hugs! :)

Marlene said...

bearpicnicMaybe she's a little concerned that she might go short on attention now?

Ruinwen. Thanks! The overdose of hand knits there was not on purpose. LOL It just happened to be what Panalaya was wearing when I handed Penny to her. But in actual fact almost ANY picture I take of the dolls will include a variety of hand made items of one sort or another because other than the odd exchange here and there I make all of my dolls' clothing myself.