Sunday, March 10, 2013

Her Bed Is Ready

With the Nappy Choo baby due any day I've been scurrying around getting her room ready.

baby's room

Finishing off the crib was loads of fun! I added decals purchased from eBay seller, wildrose2828 to either end of a crib made by Etsy seller, Bruce Dawson of bedMiniatures. I then made sheets, a dust ruffle, bumper pads, and a little pillow and pillow case.

Its Ready

The pretty quilt was a gift from Flickr friend, SaraBeara2.

bed linens

I've been watching Canada Post tracking obsessively, and she has now cleared Canada Customs and has been sorted at the Richmond postal facility. Next step will be Chilliwack and then "out for delivery"! Hopefully that will be tomorrow.

bumper pads

If she is somehow delayed and arrives on Tuesday, she'll have the same "birth" day as my oldest granddaughter!


Anonymous said...

All of it is SO precious!!!!
carol s

Serenata said...

Beautiful bedding. It must have been the weekend for making bedding as I have been making some as well!

Kayjay said...

Love it so much, can't wait to see your little one!!

Randomfish said...

That is absolutely wonderful! I can't wait to see the pictures when your little one arrives. :D

Ruinwen said...

I know your little one will sleep well in the beautiful and precious bed you have created. I love all the little details...and that quilt is beyond adorable. Hugs! :)

Dustbunnie said...

What an adorable bed. Your new baby will be so well cared for. I'm looking forward to seeing her.

Marlene said...

Thanks Carol. I'm certainly having fun!

Thanks for dropping by my blog Serenata. I've checked out yours too. The bedding you have created looks wonderful, especially the darling little quilt with all its different blue squares.

Thanks Kayjay. I'm glad you like it. Looks like the doll will be arriving today!

Thank you Randomfish. Of course there shall be pictures, lots and lots of pictures. Unfortunately its a grey and gloomy day today so getting sufficient light will be an issue.

I love the little quilt too Ruinwen. It was such a kind and thoughtful gift. She even managed to match it to the colours I chose for the bedding! I think Sara must have seen photos of the fabric I had purchased.

Isn't it great, Dustbunnie! It was so worth the money I paid to have it made. I think the decals I added really finish it off and give it an authentic look.