Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lucky Penny

Canada has discontinued the penny and I've been finding pennies that people have cast away feeling, I guess, that they are now worthless. I still like to think of them as "lucky", so I pick them up and take them home.

In honour of the penny, and on St. Patrick's Day, I name this little one, Lucky Penny.

Naming Day Portrait

Find a Penny, pick her up, all day long you'll have good luck!

Pick Her Up

The whole reason for having a special "Naming Day" was so that I would have an excuse to make a fancy christening/blessing style outfit. LOL

Back of the dress

I made the whole outfit without a pattern, designing as I went. It took hours and hours -- well -- DAYS really!


By the time I took this last picture Penny was getting tired and was ready for bed.

Enough Pictures


Serenata said...

Beautiful and a perfect name for your little girl. My nan always used to sing that rhyme to me as well as others to do with Pennies lol!

Ruinwen said...

What a lovely name for such a special little girl! I adore the outfit you made for her Naming Day! All those silver touches are so beautiful on your design! Hugs! :)

dynnamae said...

Pennys' outfit is so beautiful. Really love the bead detail also.

cjbj said...

I like it.
And your outfit, is extra lovely, everyone will want the pattern.

She is tiny isn't she?

Bet all the others are getting jealous.

Isabelle Ante said...

The outfit is beautiful! Perfect name for a little one.