Thursday, February 05, 2015

Blackest of Blacks

The blue warp is still being woven on my Saori loom, but I was sidetracked by some yarn I picked up at Michaels on Monday. I actually went in for something else but changed my mind.

As I mentioned in a previous post the back of my neck has been cold lately, (the asymmetrical haircut is short at the back!), and that has me motivated to make a few cowls and scarves. Basic black goes with almost everything I wear so when I wandered through the yarn aisle and spotted this ---

I couldn't resist starting this:

On the Ashford Sample-It loom, a scarf for me.

One ball of the Patons Metallic was enough to warp my little Ashford Sample-It loom with a length of over 5 yards. That should be enough for 2 scarves, one for me, and one to sell. Looks like I'll have barely enough of the sequined yarn for one scarf though, so I'll either have to buy more or choose something else from my yarn stash for the weft in the second one.


Jen said...

Looks great so far! P.S. How's your Wreck This Journal coming? I bought one because of yours!

Marlene said...

Thanks. The first on is already complete and being worn, Jen. I've got a start on the second scarf using a different yarn for weft, but I don't like it as much.

I still occasionally put a fruit sticker on a page, and my birthday in January brought in some cards that allowed me to add several postage stamps to that particular page, but for the most part the Wreck This Journal is sitting dormant for now. Kind of stalled out when it became clear that very few people are participating any more. I still have some ideas I'd like to do though.