Thursday, February 19, 2015

Introducing Hettie

When Hettie arrived on Tuesday she was all in pieces. I hope it isn't because her trip from China was an ordeal. It did take several weeks.

Kinda freaky!

Once I figured out which side of her "body" was up she she pulled herself together nicely.

Introducing "Hettie".

Hettie Mannakin hopes to have a long career serving as a hat and scarf model.

Poor Hettie is a bit cross-eyed. It's too bad her eyes are not repositionable like those of my ball jointed dolls.
Eyes! *sigh*

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Gene Black said...

I think Hettie should have some cute little round sunglasses. That would "solve" the eye problem. I hope the crossed eyes are not due to a severe head bump on the long trip from China.