Sunday, February 01, 2015

TUTORIAL - Diagonally Striped Cushion

A discussion came up on a weaving forum I'm a member of. A project picture showed a handwoven cushion cover where the warp and weft were diagonally positioned. A member was wondering how that was done. I knew I had seen somewhere how that can be done, but I had a hard time describing the technique.

I searched and searched on the internet but could not find a tutorial anywhere, so I decided to quickly sew a little sample and write the tutorial myself. Turns out this is not the exact way that the forum member used for her pillows, but it is a way that works, she thinks perhaps better than the way she did hers.

step ONE

Step TWO




Step SIX


Of course if you plan on inserting a full sized pillow form you will need to leave a large enough gap in that final seam to fit the pillow form through.

Finished diagonal square.

The "front side" of the pillow cover will have diagonal stripes with no seam lines. The "back side" of the cushion will have diagonal stripes with seamlines meeting in the centre.

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