Monday, February 09, 2015

End of the Blue

I came to the end of the dominantly blue warp yesterday.

Nearing the end.

I got it hemstitched, cut free, washed and hung to dry.

Finished yardage

Today the plan is to choose my favourite or most useable section to cut one front piece for a blazer style jacket. The remaining weaving will be set aside for inclusion in other projects, likely accessories like bags.


Laura said...

That's a pretty plaid! :D I like blue plaids.

Waaaay off topic, but I finally got my Ai in the mail after months of hemming and hawing, and I've got full measurements, in case you were curious.

(Yes, this is TheL1985 from Ravelry. Hi.)

Marlene said...

Thanks Laura. I won't be designing specifically for the Ai size, but it might be valuable information for people who inquire about the size difference, so if you could share your findings that would be great!