Saturday, February 14, 2015

Grand-Puppy, Buddy

Just last week I was introduced to my new Grand-Puppy, Buddy. He's a Golden Retriever that has been adopted by my daughter and granddaughters.

Minding my grand-puppy, Buddy.

He was so "baby puppy" back then, less than a week ago.


And now, only one week later, he's a "toddler puppy"!



dynnamae n said...

Congratulations on getting a grand puppy. I have numerous granddogs and love them dearly. Your jacket is a fabulous color and I'm sorry the fit isn't right. That is disappointing after so much work. Happy Valentine's Day.

Marlene said...

Thanks dynnamae. The jacket is still wearable, and does get compliments when I wear it. I've had a few good suggestions on altering the fit here and there. It should help.