Saturday, November 20, 2004

As the Heel Turns

Last night I got the whole foot of both socks done. The heels were a real interesting feat (pun intended) because I was knitting from a "toe-up", one-sock-on-TWO-circular-needles pattern, but was using a SINGLE circular needle to knit BOTH socks at once, and I was incorporating a heel stitch pattern that came from a top-down sock pattern. To add to the confusion, the stitch pattern I used on the top of the foot required an ODD number of stitches, but the toe and heel required both the sole and the top of the foot to have an EVEN stitch count.

I was flipping stitches back and forth, changing from one to two needles and even back to knitting the socks seperately at one point. The result looks good, but I doubt that I could ever duplicate exactly what I did a second time. Good thing I was knitting both socks at once because I would never be able to get the second one to match otherwise!

It's easy going from here. Round and round, straight up to the bind off. I'll likely finish them today and have pictures for you tomorrow.

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