Saturday, November 13, 2004

Slow Progress

So far I have knit 3,996 stitches (more if you include some "tinking" and reknitting that was done!) and have less than an inch to show for it. It's funny though, the slow progress is not really bothering me. I think it is because I expect that this fairisle project will take an incredible amount of time and I am in no hurry. I knit around and around without expecting to see any measurable difference. I am enjoying the process rather than watching for significant progress.

As always, I need a name for this project. Repeatedly calling it "the fairisle cardigan" doesn't seem fitting of the grand nature of this designing/knitting adventure. Any suggestions? It will be a charcoal and natural,(softer version of black and white) fairisle cardigan knit at a very fine gauge with several different fairisle motifs. It will have pewter clasps for the front closure. The general idea for this project comes from Meg Swansen's pattern which she calls "Giant Latvian-Mitten Cardigan". Somehow though that name conjures up images of an extremely large Latvian wearing a mitten shaped cardigan......not the image I want to work with. Har, har. All suggestions for a name will be gratefully considered.

1 comment:

Leisel said...

You could include in the name something significant to Latvia:

Riga (the capital)

Daugava (River)

Other than that, I wouldn't know what to suggest.