Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Circular Needle Storage

This is my solution to the problem of storing circular needles neatly and in an organized way so that they are easy to find when needed.

I bought 15 "snap-envelope" style pockets and a three inch, three ring binder. Each pocket is labeled and holds one size of needle with as many length variations as I own. Now that I know the "Magic Loop" technique for smaller circumferences I no longer buy anything other than 32 inch, but I do have a few shorter ones from before that time. I have also used the pockets to store a few double-pointed sets.

I decorated the outside of the binder with a picture gleaned from the internet. It is of a painting of a little girl knitting.


Leisel said...

What a great idea! Where did you get the supplies?

Marlene said...

I found the snap-envelope style pockets at Zellers, in their school supplies section. I've never seen them anywhere else. The large 3" binder with pockets on the front for custom covers was purchased at a business supply store.

Leisel said...

Buggars... we don't have one of those here. I'll keep my eye out, though, when I go to the office stores. I just might luck out.

Gaile said...

I love this idea, now I'll have to go raid the local Zellers for those pockets and get my circs organized.

Ashley said...

This is so cute! I made my own version with ziplock bags. the tutorial is on my blog: