Sunday, November 14, 2004


My black and white cardigan was coming along so nicely. I had the entire bottom border done. There were to be increases done in the last row of the border and I needed to double check my math so that I would increase evenly across. As I was counting the 444 stitches I discovered it. THE TWIST. A circular knitter's nightmare. Somehow, despite my best efforts to avoid it, I got a twist when I joined it into a circle.

I knew I could leave the twist in, moving it along to where the steek was (seeing as it will be cut later anyway) and then knitting without the twist from that point, but it seemed better to frog it and start over. *sigh* There were a few things I wanted to change about that border anyway. Next time I attempt it I will start the border with two purl-on-the-right-side rows. Doing that should also help me keep that join straight too.

As soon as I had ripped out the first attempt, I immediately began casting on again. After 100 stitches I caught my hand in the circular loop as I was getting out of my chair and I accidentally ripped out about 25 of those stitches. That was it! I'm all for "getting back on the horse" after a fall, but two falls in a row? It was just too much for my over tired brain to handle. I packed the project up and vowed to finish my other works-in-progress first.

So that is where THAT project stands. I need to give it a rest until I have other things taken care of. Then maybe when I have those ones off the back of my mind I will tackle the cardigan again.

Thanks "knothead" for the excellent naming suggestions. When I get back to knitting this project I will likely use one of the mean time it is dubbed "THAT PROJECT" in a less than kind tone of voice!


Michelle said...

Marlene, I'm so sorry you're having such a time of it. It sounds like the last couple of weeks I had. Maybe it's the phase of the moon, or change of season? Whatever it is, it'll get better. Maybe better enough to see your Rogue completed? [wink, wink]

Leisel said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your frustrations! That so sounds like something that would happen to me. I'm famous (at least in my own mind) for things going wrong in almost everything I do (I'm the one who drives across town to find that the store is out of what I need). My life is a series of wild goose chases!

Putting it down for a bit sounds like a good thing to do. When things get frustrating, you tend to make more mistakes, which makes more frustration. It's a vicious cycle. It'll work out better if you give it a time out :)

Oh, and I apologize... I seem to forget I have to sign my name when I'm posting with someone else who uses Blogger, because it just lists me as "the resident knothead". I'm Leisel.