Sunday, November 28, 2004

Not a Stitch

I didn't knit yesterday. Not a stitch! I did the finishing work on the Aurora Borealis cap, blocked it, photographed it, and made a blog entry about it, but I didn't actually KNIT anything. And it was weird. I sat watching a movie with my husband and for the first time in ages, just sat there with my hands folded in my lap. How unproductive. Gaaak. How can non-knitters stand JUST watching television?

I haven't knitted yet today either. I have read about knitting on the Knitter's Review forum. I have photographed my daughter's knitting so that she can post pictures on her blog. I have searched the Amazon site for good Christmas wish list ideas (all knitting related books of course). But I have not actually KNIT.

When I do finally pick up my needles it will be to work on the Daugava. It is a complicated fairisle project that I am designing as I go, so I have to have a clear head to work on that one. Later tonight if I can find some quiet time......

Meanwhile, the sun is shining and I have a dog that has gone without a walk for three days.

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