Thursday, November 18, 2004

The Rogue is DONE

I finished the Rogue AND it is a success! If fits. (Bonus!) I spent much of today finishing up the zipper application and then seaming the sleeves and sewing them in. I really like it. I can now peel the Green Possum Cardi off my back and give it a good wash. ;-)

I am not too happy so far with my photos of the Rogue. Inside, using the flash, all detail is lost. You can at least tell the shape and fit of the hood here though:

I tried a few photos outside, but should really wait for a nice sunny day so that the lighting is better. A little of the side detail shows here:

And you can see the intricate cable in the hood in this pic:

And now, with that one out of the way I am free to work on
The Daugava
and to dream of other future possibilities. Perhaps this afghan but in a more nuetral colorway? It is a pattern from Philosopher's Wool Company


Michelle said...

Marlene, your Rogue cardigan is absolutely fantastic! Now I really can't wait to start mine.

Leisel said...

Ok... it is now hereby official:


Rogue looks more and more attractive each time I see it, as does Butterfly, and even the Ribby Cardi is niggling at my mind, even though it is so not my style, I still am wanting desperately to knit it.

And that doesn't even address the issue of lovely, soft, and interesting yarns that everyone blogs about.

And now look what you've gone and done. Shame on you for posting that picture of the mandala afghan! Now I want that, too, and I really cannot afford it. Seriously... how does anyone afford to be a knitter?!? Everything is so darn expensive (except acrylic, and of course that just will not do anymore, not with everyone poo-poo'ing it in Knit-blog-land).

Rabbitch said...

Ooh! I like that! Alas, I don't have enough of anything nice on hand to make it, and there's no way I'd do that in fuschia acrylic. And I live in mortal fear of cables ...

BUT ... after we move I have an assload of prepared roving that I'm going to spin and dye. I think I may just have found what I'm going to make out of it!

You do beautiful work.

Marlene said...

Thanks Rabbitch. And you know, cables are really not that hard. I think a person only "lives in mortal fear" of them until they actually break down and give them a try.

It is a little secret that cable knitters like to keep to themselves. Cables LOOK so hard and "advanced" that non-cable knitters think you are a genius.