Monday, February 28, 2005

Progress Report

The Celtic Knot Pullover is coming along nicely.

Another day and it will likely be completed. I've knit this project a little quicker than usual (7 days so far), spurred on by the possibility of running out of yarn. Why would this make me knit frantically? Well, I'm not quite sure. I think it is sort of like the phenomena that makes you read faster when the hero/heroine of the story is in danger or racing against the clock. The suspense keeps you glued to your seat.

Well the drama is over. With the completion of the first sleeve, I can accurately estimate the yarn needed to complete the second sleeve. I'll complete the pullover with about a 1/4 ball to spare. *Whew* To accomplish this, I did have to do some altering though. I made a size smaller than I originally intended. Turns out that was a good thing as it seems like it will fit perfectly. I also shortened the depth of the area from the armpit to the shoulder. Also seems like a good thing as the fit there is fine. That alteration necessitated the narrowing of the sleeves by 1/2 an inch, which also saved on yarn.

Cutting it pretty fine on my yarn allotment? Well yes, THAT part was an accident. Elann was having one of their closing out sales and I knew that I just had to have the Stone Cotton. I was up at 6 AM fingers a-tingling with the anticipation of ordering on the stroke of 6 so as to not miss out. The previous day I had used my "knitable samples" subscription to make up a gauge sample, estimate yardage required, and choose my favorite color. I did the figuring, decided I needed a little over 12 balls to "just make it" and jotted the number "13" on my scrap paper. I "always" buy at least one extra ball to allow for individual variances, but this time decided that I would buy not one, but three. So a little lower on the scrap paper I jotted down "16" and placed it by the computer in readiness for the morning ordering frenzy.

Morning came. Amid preparing my husband's lunch box and making the morning pot of coffee, I managed to remember to be at the computer and at the Elann site by the stroke of 6. I excitedly placed my order. All was well (or so I thought) and I went about my day. An hour later I checked back and discovered that "my" color was already sold out. I gloated over my fast-fingered success.

It wasn't until the next day that it dawned on me that I had ordered 13 balls but had intended to order 16! Ack. Hence all the above drivel about yarn shortages, desperate alterations, and a week of frantic knitting.

Elann just posted a new lot of Stone Cotton. Same color. Same dye lot. :-Z


Rabbitch said...

Order 16 this time. And make me one *g*

Leisel said...

Don't feel too bad about the "new" lot. There's exactly 1 of every color (at least, that's what it showed when I checked it just now), which looks more like someone returning a bunch they'd ordered as samples than like new inventory.

Bummer... I was thinking it might be a nice yarn for knitty's Cozy.

- Leisel

Bess said...

Yum. Beautiful sweater.