Saturday, June 11, 2005

Flowering Plants

There is an event taking place in the world right now that is so significant that perhaps you might want to mark the date down for posterity. Moments like this one come along rarely and should be noted.

Ta Da!

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Yes, TWO plants blooming at once in MY care and neither of them a recent addition to our home. I mean, I've had blooming plants before, in fact, the deep purple African violet in the picture was featured here way back in December of last year, but they usually come home from the store blooming and within a week or so they are bloomless and barely hanging onto life itself. These two beauties have been brought back from the brink of death to their former bloom-a-licious selves. They are not only flowering, but they have grown large and healthy looking. Amazing.

I think my problem with plants is a tendency to put them where I think they look nice instead of where they actually get enough light. The deep purple violet refuses to bloom on the kitchen table despite it's lovely BLUE glazed clay pot bought specifically to coordinate with the kitchen. No, this violet figures it deserves to be in front of the big living room window. Now I understand why I pass by the homes of successful plant lovers and the windows are crowded floor to ceiling with plants. It's not for the effect, although it can look quite impressive, it is done because that is the only place the darn things will grow.

Maybe it's time to install a bevy of bay windows?

Anyway, I celebrated my newfound green-thumb-ness by purchasing this:

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I then placed it in my peach colored bathroom where there is very little light. You know, peach colored bathroom, peach colored miniature potted rose? Do you think it will thrive or will it soon be joining its comrades in the front window?


Leisel said...

LOL... the peach rose is lovely (and I so adore the deeper purple African violet), but my bet is on it wanting the sunshine.

dragon knitter said...

front window dear. sorry to disappoint you.

Marlene said...

There's a window in the bathroom and I've placed the rose as close to that as possible. I've had ivys survive in that spot, but I would not say that they "thrived". I know in my heart that flowers need more light than ivys, but it just looks so pretty in there.

Anonymous said...

I bet your "Grandpa" Hoya blooms before mine!! :) Anne

Maggie Ann said...

Oh what a beautiful picture of the rose with the peach trimmed handkerchief for a background!! You qualify as an artist with this pic =)