Monday, June 13, 2005

Suspiciously Similar

Doesn't THIS look an awful lot like my Handspun Cushion? Heck, they even used a yarn called "Homespun". I must say, when I saw it my jaw dropped.

Did they copy me or is it just one of those "reinventing the wheel" situations? It is a rather simple pattern, and I guess it would be rather arrogant of me to think that no one else could have thought of something similar. Still, it gets me to wondering how often the "big" designers (those who make a living at it) peruse the internet looking at the blogs of "no names" to come up with fresh ideas. I guess that's understandable though. I mean how many times have I seen a simple pattern, liked the idea, but then went home without purchasing it only to adapt the idea to my own needs and supplies at hand?

I am currently making the mate to my Handspun Cushion and double checking my notes as I go. The pattern will be available here on my blog tomorrow or the next day.


Leisel said...

Yours looks better. Way better. Yours looks good enough that someone (me) who doesn't really like knit pillows is thinking she really, really needs to make a couple.

Yours looks tailored, theirs looks sloppy. I would never be inspired by theirs to make one.

What's the point of putting in a stitch pattern if you're not going to be able to see it because of a mottled yarn?

Anonymous said...

Marlene, I believe that Debbie Bliss has offered that pattern for free on her website before. I saw it about a year ago actually. I thought you got it from there, but you made it up instead. You are SO talented. I imagine that this is what happens when you write a book/song or paint a picture too. There are people out there of like mindedness. I like yours better btw.


Marlene said...

The pattern with the look-a-like says "Created by the Daily Knitter staff", and you say you have also seen something similar on a Debbie Bliss site? I guess the same concept may have been brewing in several heads at once. Not suprising I guess. They say patent offices see several people submitting patents for similar inventions all the time.

Michelle said...

Isn't that curious! I agree, yours looks much nicer than theirs.