Saturday, June 04, 2005

Three New Items

While I was up in Prince George I had a chance to shop a bit and I came home with an enamel canner (aka dye-pot) picked up at a "Value Village".

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I haven't done much dyeing yet. I shoved a small amount of commercial yarn in with another guild member's dyeing wool a while back, but it was just an experimental thing. I also tried a little bit of Kool-Aid dyeing with reasonably successful results. Because the Kool-Aid was a food safe project I was able to do it in casserole dishes in the microwave.

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I'm working on spinning up enough fingering weight wool/mohair to make a shawl. I am doing that with undyed fiber with the intent on dyeing the shawl after it is knit. I figure that way I can use any leftover wool on another project without being locked into the color of the shawl.

While up North I also found this wine gift box (aka spindle case) at a "Winner's" outlet.

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I drove a member of the Chilliwack Spinners and Weavers Guild home from a meeting and she gave me an Inkle Loom. It needs some repair to the tensioning device but otherwise seems sound. I did a little inkle weaving way back in grade six (over 30 years ago). I also have an instruction book and set of cards for card weaving. Some day, when I have a little more time, I'll figure out how to use the Inkle Loom for tensioning a Card Weaving warp.

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Susan said...

I keep looking at those wine keepers and talk myself out of buying one of them because I already have a container for my straights. What a cool idea to keep drop spindles in! Now I can go ahead and get one.


Marlene said...

Susan, There is enough room in it for several spindles or a spindle and a significant amount of roving (for on the go spinning).