Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Reluctant Tencel

I bought approximately 8 ounces of laceweight tencel at Fiberfest a few months ago and it is resisting all efforts to make it into something useful. The idea at the time was to knit a shawl. I tried a few different designs and a variety of needles sizes but it all came out looking like multi-colored string. It was just too much effort for the lack luster results I was achieving.

I then tried a crocheted pattern with a little more success, at least it looks less like string, but I am still not entirely happy with it. It may yet be frogged.

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Leisel said...

The colors are gorgeous. I'm sorry they're fighting with the patterns.

I know it's simple, but have you tried a feather and fan stole or shawl pattern? F&F is one of the few lace patterns that I think works really well with hand-dyed yarns.