Thursday, June 30, 2005

Take a Look at This

My daughter is getting to be quite the knitter. Take a look at the baby romper she just finished. I'm so proud of her!


Anna Maria said...

Hello Marlene. I love the Leaf and Lace Set. I knit it for my daughter 25 years ago in yellow and beige but have since lost the Beehive pattern. Now she has her own daughter (my grandaughter) who needs one desperately. Any chance you could send me the pattern? please...
Gratefully, Anna Maria. email:

Ayman Arain said...

Hi Marlene, I love the leaf and lace pattern! I really want to knit that for my grandaughter..can you please email me the pattern at

Thank you so much in advance!

Annatjie du Raan said...

Hi Marlene..... I would love to have this nice leave lace pattern from you if still possible.
Thank you very much!