Friday, June 24, 2005

New Mixer

My old mixer packed 'er in. It was down from its original 5 speeds to just one....and that one speed worked only sporadically. It was not the kind of appliance you wanted to rely on to whip cream for a house full of dinner guests. I have company arriving tomorrow so I went out and bought this:

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It's a Hamilton Beach model #62605, a small hand mixer that I can stuff into a drawer, but it has a powerful 200 watt motor that can handle thicker doughs with out going up in a puff of smoke.

This mixer has a retractable cord which is something I really like. A useless innovation listed as a "feature" on the box is the "bowl rest" which supposedly allows you to rest the mixer on the side of the bowl. I don't care too much about that, as long as the darn thing doesn't topple over when I put it down on the counter. Not listed as a "feature" but certainly a nice change from my old mixer, this one stands firmly on the counter on its flat base. The added weight of the more powerful motor may be a factor in its stability. My old one had a tendency to topple over when the beaters had dough clinging to them.

I was amazed at the power of this little mixer, but somewhat disappointed with its range of speeds. It is listed as a "6 speed", but in reality ALL the speeds are FAST. Low speed is what my old mixer would have listed as at least medium. When this new one is set to "high" you had better run for cover! I would list it as a FRAPPE. Unfortunately it would be more use to me to have what my old mixer called "fold". You know, the setting you would use to mix milk and pudding powder without redecorating your kitchen in that charming "speckled chocolate" finish.

UPDATE: The Hamilton Beach model # 62605 died an untimely death in December of 2012 while gallantly trying to cream butter and icing sugar in the preparation of the holiday shortbread. R.I.P. Hamilton Mixer.


Maggie Ann said...

Wouldn't it be great if they had a 'tester' model people could take home and try out? We bought a dishwasher about 4 months ago and over 600$, that is not living up to expectations. The name 'Maytag 'is no longer on a pedestal in our house. And to anyone contemplating getting the one with the third shelf, don't, its pretty much worthless. We took that model back. At least we know now what the Hamilton Beach model # 62605 mixer has going for it. I appreciate the review.

Anonymous said...

Hi, being a budinsky here, I felt compelled to tell you something I recently learned. Purchasing something from Cosco is an option for you that you would be able to "test" something out so to speak. They have an amazing return policy. Apparently, you can take stuff back for up to three years on some things as long as you have the receipt. You can buy a computer and take it back - no questions asked for up to a year.


Marlene said...

Thanks Suzanne, that kind of information is always appreciated. I am the "Return Queen" as it is. Having worked in retail for many years I know the ins and outs of making returns, and I am not afraid to assert my rights when necessary. Most retail outlets do stand by their products (even if they don't advertise that fact) to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty. I actually bought the mixer at "Canadian Tire" which is also incredible about their returns. If I knew of a brand and model that would perform BETTER I would not hesitate. The problem is I have had problems with every one of the mixers I have had over the years. The lowest speed being too fast is a minor complaint when compared to motors that burn out within a week.

Anyway, I still have the box and the receipt and could return it if I decide that that is necessary.