Friday, July 15, 2005

1,788 metres

The spinning of the wool/mohair blend is complete. It has been bathed, hung to dry, weighed, measured, and counted.

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I ended up with 9 skeins, a total of 652g, (23 ounces), with a length of 1,788 metres, (1,955 yards). A quick check in a couple of places tells me it averages about 17-18 WPI (fingering to laceweight).

It may yet receive a second bath. The very first skein I did was washed with a conditioning dog shampoo but the remainder were washed with Dawn dish soap. I can really see a difference. The dog shampoo one is whiter, softer, and has a nicer halo effect to the mohair. If you look closely at the picture you should be able to pick out the one that had the bath in dog shampoo.

Just as a side note to spinners who are also dog owners, our dog, Shelby, ran and hid when she smelled the dog shampoo. It took her a while to realize the bath wasn't for her.


jess said...

ha! I may have to try dog shampoo next time. I bet my dogs will run as well. that's funny!

I love how that looks! Impressively fine and consistent. :)

Amanda said...

silly little question here...but what camera do you use? The close-ups are really clear and the colors are great! My favorite was of the weeping house plant.