Saturday, July 30, 2005

Wretched Day

I rarely post about anything but my knitting or other fiber related projects, and I am not going to start now by detailing everything that went wrong or stressed me out yesterday. Suffice it to say I should have slept in so that the day would have seemed shorter. Bad days do not deserve to have both an early rising and a late retiring!

Amongst all the other annoyances that caused me stress, even my fiber related projects were out to get me. I started the day at the guild room struggling with a weaving on one of the guild's looms. That loom needs to be fixed or flung. 'Nuff said.

The rest of the day was consumed with too much time spent conversing about things I can do nothing about. This goes totally against my belief system of "Allowing". Usually allowing others to live their life as they see fit (without trying to interfere or "fix" them) brings me great peace. It didn't yesterday. I didn't feel much like allowing. I was angry. Still am, actually.

So, in an attempt to relax at the end of a stress filled day I picked up my lace knitting. The Peacock Feathers Shawl. Hmpf! A moment of inattention (due to WAY too much on my mind!) and I placed a double, centered decrease in the wrong spot. No big deal right? Just undo it and continue on? That was the idea anyway. I missed one of the three stitches, it dropped, and after about 30 minutes of desperate attempts to knit it back up through several rows of yarn overs and multi-stitch decreases I was resigned to the fact that I had "lost it". Emotionally and literally. I now have to rip back to the last lifeline. 10 rows below. At around 340 stitches per row it is a Very Big Deal. More than my frazzled nerves can handle at the moment. Peacock Feathers is flung in the corner for a "Time Out".

If I knit at all today it will be nothing more complicated than a garter stitch scarf. On big needles. With fat yarn.


Rabbitch said...

Stars were out of whack or something yesterday.

I couldn't find childcare, finally got someone, got to work late, couldn't find parking, paid $6 for an hour and a half of parking, chipped a tooth and scraped the van against a cement pole while moving it.

Didn't knit one stitch.

If today's the same, you'll never hear from me again. Seeing I'm going swimming I'm likely to drown instead. Fingers crossed.

Rabbitch said...

Oh and that was supposed to be a sympathetic comment rather than a whine about my own life, but I'm sort of a self-centred cow like that.

Hope things improve for you today, and I'm very sorry about the shawl.

hockey mom said...

I think a simple scarf is a grand idea. Sometimes the motion will soothe and allow your mind to clear.

Planets were definitely in a weird space yesterday.

I hope today is better for you.

Marlene said...

I understood and appreciated the intent of your "sympathetic comment" rabbitch. It actually DID help to know I was not the only one experiencing a less-than-lovely day.

"Hockey Mom" you can see by my July 31 post "A Little Guest" that my next project did not come anywhere close to be garter stitch or simple. I guess I am just a sucker for punishment hey? The beaded sash IS going very well though, and the Peacock Feathers Shawl is getting a "time-out" for bad behaviour.